Cabot & Meg

    This was one of my first ever wedding videos, and while I can see and think of a million things I can do better it is still one of my favorites to watch back. There was something just so joyful and pure about Cabot and Meg’s day and the way they interacted. They were just SO happy!

    From the first look to the ceremony to the candle lit reception this day was put together so thoughtfully and beautifully, but also simply! Cabot and Meg didn’t do anything over the top or extravagant, I could tell they wanted to focus on what truly matter- getting married and celebrating with their closest family and friends.

    Cabot and Meg have referred me to a lot of clients/weddings so it was a running joke for a while that I would see them at almost every wedding I shot. I asked them about their video later and Meg said that she went through a period of watching it every day- which is something every wedding videographer wants to hear! She said she kept finding new things every time she would watch.

    I love that, and I think that is exactly what having a video gives you that photos don’t. There is just something about watching your day back in motion that is so so special. There’s nothing like it.

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    Abbey Hunter
    March 13, 2024